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Everyday around the world, valuable information is exchanged using our mobile phones. We spend a lot of time, effort, and money securing our homes, offices, and networks yet we still discuss and share sensitive information over unprotected phones. Today competitors, criminal organisations, and foreign governments can easily tap into enormous amounts of information using cheaper and more readily available tools than ever before. Here at Encrypted-OS, we will help you protect your communication in a challenging world.

Smartphone Security

Many mobile users think that adequate smartphone security is a given, but with millions of data breaches every year, it’s time to think about improving your device’s security – here’s a quick guide to what to look out for, and how to protect yourself from hackers,

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Security within an Insecure Android Market

It is well known that the Blackphone 2 has been developed from the ground up to be one of the most private and secure Android based phones on the market. With its heavily adapted and improved mobile security and privacy features, the Blackphone 2 is becoming the smartphone of choice for Business and Organisations across the world.

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How to Secure your Smartphone

If you have ever asked yourselves how secure is my phone? The short answer is not very secure unless you have taken steps to increase your mobile’s security. Passcode and fingerprint security and keeping your operating system updated will help protect you from nosy onlookers but they do not protect you from hackers.

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