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Why buy a Silent Phone subscription?

When you buy a Blackphone 2, Silent OS secure software comes pre-installed – but what if you want to keep your existing smartphone, while still having the peace of mind that your communications and data are private, secure and safe from hackers?

The answer is: buy a Silent Phone subscription and access our leading mobile security solution for any iOS or Android smartphone.

Buy your Silent Phone subscription here...

To start using Silent Phone to ensure secure mobile communications, simply download the app from your phone’s app store and choose your Silent Phone licence and subscription package here – and start using this incredible encrypted software straightaway!

Our range of Silent Phone licence packages mean that you can also purchase a monthly subscription to Silent World minutes so you can ensure the best all-round privacy solution for your smartphone.

Option 1

Annual Silent Phone Subscription

Option 2

Annual Silent Phone Subscription + 100 minutes per month 
Blackphone 2

Option 3

Annual Silent Phone Subscription + 500 minutes per month

Option 4

Annual Silent Phone Subscription + 1000 minutes per month

Help and advice

Our team are always on hand to help, so if you want any further information regarding buying a Silent Phone subscription or package, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be delighted to offer our professional advice.