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Experts in mobile device security

Here at Encrypted Operating Systems, we’re proud to be an official authorised reseller of the Blackphone 2, designed from the ground up by the mobile device security experts at Silent Circle.

Who is Silent Circle?

Silent Circle was founded by Phil Zimmerman - ‘the King of Encryption’ - and some of the biggest brains in mobile technology and encryption, privacy, and security solutions.

Using their exceptional levels of knowledge and expertise, they devised and designed the ultimate privacy phone in the shape of the Blackphone 2, and powered it with their self-created encrypted operating system – Silent OS – the most secure OS in the world.

Pioneering privacy phone

The Blackphone 2 is the first ever fit-for-purpose privacy phone, offering complete data security over calls, messages and file transfers.

Presenting familiar smartphone functionality, pioneering encryption services and a range of impressive specs all at an affordable price, it offers both corporate and personal users comprehensive control and complete privacy over all their communications.

Our mobile security products

Blackphone 2

Check out the full list of Blackphone 2 specs and buy online now!

Silent Phone App

Protect any Android or iOS device with a Silent Phone subscription

Silent World Top-Ups

Buy Silent World credit top-ups for secure, encrypted outgoing calls

Blackphone Accessories

2 and 3 pin adapters, Blackphone 2 cases and web cam covers

Our mobile privacy and security experts

If you want to learn more about the Blackphone 2 privacy phone or any of the mobile device security solutions we offer to keep you protected from data breaches, please feel free to contact us – our team are always on hand and happy to help.

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Niz Khan

Niz Khan

CEO & Founder
Waseem Deifallah

Waseem Deifallah

Co-Founder & Managing Director