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Black SIMs and Blackphone 2 accessories

In addition to the Blackphone 2 secure smartphone and Silent Phone encrypted software, the team at Encrypted OS are also pleased to offer Black SIMs and a range of accessories to buy online.

You can buy your Blackphone 2 accessories and data-only SIMs via our secure online shopping platform. Simply choose the product you want, click the ‘Buy Now’ button and make your payment – and we’ll dispatch your items to you as quickly as we possibly can.

Blackphone 2 case

Brilliant ‘bumper’ style Blackphone 2 case – ensure your secure smartphone is safe in every way with this specially designed case.

Blackphone 2 – UK adapter

Charge your Blackphone 2 in any UK electrical socket with the Silent Circle Blackphone 2, 3 pin adapter.

Blackphone 2 – 2 pin adapter

Our 2 pin Blackphone 2 adapter is ideal for users based outside of the UK or for business travellers who need to stay securely connected.

Blackphone web cam cover

With security breaches regularly made over web cams – even when not in use – this simple solution will help to improve your privacy.

Black SIMs – data only mobile security

If you’re a business user or regular traveller, a Blackphone SIM offers you premium mobile data security wherever in the world you may be.

Our data-only solution can be used in any Blackphone, Android or Blackberry device to ensure reliable internet connectivity without exposing you to security breaches. With all traffic routed through the Silent Phone encrypted OS, it’s been specifically designed to protect users from International Mobile Subscriber Identity-catchers (IMSI-Catcher).

Super secure SIM card

Offering the ultimate solution for data security, the Black secure SIM card prevents access to and the triangulation of your mobile data when using your device.

Without this prevention, hackers can intercept the traffic coming to and from your smartphone, listen in to your communications and even track your exact location. It’s the essential traveller solution to ensure your privacy and security is maintained and any sensitive information is locked down and protected from potential vulnerabilities.

Buy your Black SIM here...

  • Data-only secure SIM
  • Blackphone, Blackberry and Android
  • Global SIM or Europe SIM
  • Secure voice
  • Secure text
  • Secure data
  • Secure email
  • Secure video
  • Secure attachments
  • Stop IMSI catchers
  • Prevent data triangulation