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Silent Circle Blackphone 2

With the average mobile device connecting to 160+ unique IP addresses every day, and 35% of communications unencrypted*, the potential for a privacy breach of your corporate or personal information is continually growing – but the Silent Circle Blackphone 2 provides a complete mobile security solution.

Full of fantastic features and functions, the Blackphone 2 has been carefully designed by the security experts at Silent Circle to offer unparalleled protection against hacking attempts. As the world’s most secure smartphone powered by the world’s most secure operating system, it’s an essential addition to the enterprise tech toolkit, and offers many benefits to private users too...

Blackphone 2

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NBC News
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
Already got a smartphone but want to increase your data privacy?

Encrypted Software for iOS and Android

If you don’t want to purchase the Silent Circle Blackphone 2, then you can still take advantage of the ultimate in secure mobile software with a Silent Phone subscription.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, it provides an exceptional line of defence to protect your privacy and security.

Every call you receive on the Blackphone 2 is fully encrypted and safe from eavesdroppers.
Super-secure messaging and the capacity to safely send and receive file transfers up to 100MB.
Superior encryption services – see the full list of the incredible Blackphone 2 specs here.
Access secure data roaming anywhere in the world with the Black SIM – take a look...

Enterprise Encryption Services

Securing your company data with Blackphone 2

Choosing the Silent Circle Blackphone 2 as your organisation’s mobile device of choice ensures that your data is locked-down and safe from man-in-the-middle attacks and other potentially catastrophic security breaches.

With four individual secure spaces per device, users can separate business and personal life, helping you to keep on top of your internal security policies.

But why do you need encryption? Is it really so important?

20% **

of business mobile devices breached

24.7% *

apps with 1+ high risk security flaw

3x *

business apps more likely to leak logins

Buy Blackphone 2

Secure devices, software and calling credits

Visit our online store now to buy the Silent Circle Blackphone 2, Silent Phone encrypted software and subscriptions, Blackphone accessories and Silent World credit top-ups.
Blackphone 2
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*Source: 2016 NowSecure Mobile Security Report
**Source: 2017 Dimensional Enterprise Mobile Security Survey