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Benefits of Silent OS and pioneering secure phone, the Blackphone 2

Whoever you are, your data is worth stealing – so rather than leave yourself open to hacking vulnerabilities, why not take advantage of the huge benefits offered by the world’s most secure phone – the Blackphone 2 – and its powerfully private operating system, Silent OS?

The only private, secure phone designed from the ground up to protect you from potential data breaches, the Blackphone 2 and Silent OS allow you to communicate over mobile without fear of your details, photos or files falling into the wrong hands.

Through the highest level of data encryption, all incoming calls are protected from eavesdropping as standard – and with the addition of Silent World calling credits, you can also ensure all outgoing calls are fully encrypted too, for absolute peace of mind.

Why choose a secure phone?

Think your data is safe on a smartphone? Think again...

Using mobile apps can expose your communications and personal information to many hacking risks:


allow access to private data


are technically vulnerable


leave data unencrypted

And this was the cost of data breaches in 2014 alone:


data records lost / stolen


per data record


estimated value

What can the Blackphone 2 and Silent OS do to help?

The benefits the Blackphone 2 and Silent OS can offer in respect of your data privacy can’t be underestimated.

Key Features

Here are some of the key ways it can protect you...

Private calls

Discuss sensitive business matters and deal with personal issues in complete privacy

Photos & footage

Don’t risk a leak of your private photos and videos – secure transfers keep them safe

Corporate data

Eliminate the potential of your business data being intercepted and held to ransom
Blackphone 2


From passwords to banking PINs, Silent OS encrypts all your logins and access codes

Reset risks

Data can be recovered after factory resets on a regular smartphone – but not with BP2


A familiar user interface + the ability to separate work & business life in line with policies

The ultimate in software and data integrity

While we continually benefit from technological advances, this subsequently exposes our mobile devices to increasing risks. In 2015 we saw an estimated 1.1 billion exposed records as a result of approximately 4,000 incidents.
The Blackphone 2 offers 3 separate levels of software and data protection...

‘Locked’ OS memory partition

A secure boot

System verity check

Advice from our secure phone and Silent OS experts

Whether you’re a private or public organisation, well known personality, high net worth individual, VIP or simply someone who values their mobile security and privacy, the Blackphone 2 and Silent Phone software offers the highest level of benefits when it comes to protecting you from data breaches.

For more information on how this best-in-class secure phone - powered by Silent OS - can benefit you, please feel free to contact our experts here at Encrypted OS.