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Blackphone store – buy Blackphone 2 and Silent Phone Subscriptions

If you’re looking for the ultimate privacy phone with premium data security, you can buy Blackphone 2 online here, via our easy-to-use Blackphone store.
As an authorised Blackphone 2 reseller, we can provide you with all the hardware and associated accessories, and we also sell Silent Phone subscriptions, licence packages and Silent World credit top-ups.
When you buy a Blackphone 2 from Encrypted OS, you can choose from 4 different Silent Phone subscription packages that come pre-loaded, giving you instant access to the most secure OS in the world, plus the option to add-on a monthly allowance of Silent World minutes.

Visit our Blackphone store

Blackphone 2 purchase support

Our team of Blackphone 2 experts are always on hand to offer advice, so if you’re thinking of buying a Blackphone 2 but would like some assistance prior to purchase, please feel free to contact us – or take a look at our Blackphone store pages for more product specifications and information.