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Frequently Asked Questions

Blackphone 2, Silent OS and smartphone privacy – FAQs

If you want to benefit from the ultimate in smartphone privacy, the Blackphone 2 with Silent OS or a subscription to Silent Phone software is the perfect way to ensure all of your communications are encrypted and safe from security breaches.
We hope that this website has provided you with all of the information you require in order to help you choose the best smartphone privacy solution for your needs – but if you have any further queries relating to our products and software, please take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below, or get in touch if you need any additional advice.
Are communications secure between a Blackphone 2 and another smartphone?
Privacy is maintained over all communications between Blackphone 2 users, or Silent Phone subscribers – but in order to protect your calls to non-Silent Phone users, you will need to purchase Silent World credits in order to encrypt these outgoing calls.
Can I tether with my Blackphone 2?
Yes, go to "Settings > Wireless & Networks  > More > Tethering & portable hotspot", via Silent Space if using Secure Spaces.
Does the Blackphone 2 include a Silent Phone subscription
Silent Phone is automatically installed on every Blackphone, and you can choose from various subscription packages depending on the number of minutes you require per month.
Does Blackphone 2 have any backdoors that could compromise my smartphone privacy?
Blackphone 2 designers Silent Circle state that there are no backdoors at all as far as they are aware – should any be discovered in the future, they’re committed to making users explicitly aware, or of course providing updates to the phone in order to remove or repair them.
Is it legal to use Silent Phone anywhere in the world?
While the sale and use of encrypted software is prohibited in countries such as China and North Korea, this typically applies to purchases made within the country itself, or the use of these products by their citizens. We are unaware of any such restrictions being applied to non-residents who make a legal purchase of the Blackphone 2 or Silent OS privacy software in countries where their sale is permitted.
Can I receive calls from any type of phone?
Yes, you can receive calls from any fixed or mobile line across the world, completely free of charge.

Where can I learn more about Silent Circle products and services?

For more details on Blackphone 2 specs and prices, the hardware and software itself and how Silent Circle have ensured military level encryption, why not download one of our brochures: